Just a 20-minute boat ride from Cannes, lies the beautiful tranquil islands of Lérins: île Sainte-Marguerite and île Sainte-Honorat. The smaller of the two islands is île Sainte-Honorat, spanning just over three quarters of a mile long and less than half a mile wide. Full of culture, this island is home to the Abbaye de Lérins where 20 Cistercian brothers live and tend to acres of vineyards from which they make award-winning wines. The main island of Marguerite however offers a range of leisure activities which immerse you in its wilderness and heighten your senses with the fragrance of pine and eucalyptus. The best way to explore this island is by following the marked trails that take you on a botanical and historical tour passed Batéguier pond, Fort Royal and the 

Maritime Museum. If you’re looking for a place to relax, their remote location only accessible by boat is a very popular yacht haven surrounded by natural beauty. Not to mention the crystal blue Mediterranean waters which provide divers and snorkelers with a marine paradise full of protected species. Visitors can experience an oasis of peace and tranquillity away from the bustle of the French Riviera. Although there is no accommodation for visitors on the islands, Restaurant La Guérite and La Tonnelle are perfect for visitors that want to tuck into a gourmet Mediterranean lunch on the water’s edge. For those that want something more special, La Guérite provides are more prestige setting.


Located on the North side of Iles Saint Honorat, La Tonnelle awaits with a warm welcome and a rustic ocean side setting. Open every day from lunchtime, La Tonnelle can also offer a range of possibilities for business lunches or family gatherings. If you would prefer a picnic on the island, visit their snack bar, open from May to mid-September.

Fort Royal Musée de le Mer

Although built in the 17th century, Fort Royal was later strengthened by architect Vauban in 1712 and used as a state prison until the 20th century. Today, Fort Royal houses the Musée de la Mer in its most ancient part of the fort and is îles Sainte-Marguerites biggest attraction offering entry for around €6pp. Situated on the ground floor, you will find the Federal prisons and the very sell in which the famous prisoner was incarcerated for 11 years.

Anchoring Up

The islands surrounding crystal blue Mediterranean water provides one of the best backdrops for relaxation on the Cote d'Azur. Worried about keeping everyone entertained, our on-board snorkel kits and Seascooters will quickly turn your relaxing yacht experience into a fun filled adventure in minutes. Don't worry about getting bored, as the seabed here is rich in protected marine species and remarkable habitats. During summer, this is a port of call for all yachts sailing the Cote d'Azur.