Wintering / Guarding

Are you worried about the weather conditions your boat may be experiencing? Do you want to have peace of mind when you leave your boat in port?

The Life of Riley helps you keeping your boat in the best possible condition until the summer season when you can go to sea and enjoy your pleasure boat to the fullest. Enjoy a professional wintering of your boat to protect it during the winter season.


Our daily presence at the ports allows us to monitor your boat throughout the year.

Regular checkpoint

Moorings, battery voltages, starting the generator... we performs more than ten checks on your boat and its equipment every week.

Aeration & outdoor wash

We ensure for you the taking over of the ship at the end of the season and its return according to your specifications : clean, dry and functionnal.

Start-up of engines

Once or twice a month, we are going to start up and check up the engine of your boat to make sure it doesn't get clog up.

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