Maintenance / Cleaning

With a belief that prevention is better than cure, The Life of Riley looks after a number of yachts on a regular basis to make sure that everything works as it should and you and your crew are able to relax and enjoy your time on the water with the confidence that your yacht is running smoothly.

Cleaning & Antifouling

We take care of your fairing: High pressure cleaning of live works, treatment of metal parts with acid, antifouling paint, change of anodes ...

Upkeep and general maintenance

Our certified mechanics perform your engine, inboard and outboard services, as well as the various operations recommended by the manufacturers.


Our technicians are specialized in diagnostics and electrical work, we respond to all your requests: Installation of equipment (bow thruster, stern, generator, windlass ...) Troubleshooting breakdown Maintenance of battery parks ...

Painting, Covering, Polyester

Paint and boat refurbishment. Repairs on polyester boats. Impact, collision, cracks, structural damage and cosmetic repairs.

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